Aeromancy is derived from the Greek word aero meaning air why not visit, Watercolour DVD and manteia meaning divination. This form of divination makes use of atmospheric condition interpretations. This practice is also known as nephelomancy or aerimancy. Within aeromancy itself there are several variations, which are based on the phenomenon interpreted. They include austromancy, which is the art of divination done by observing wind, nephomancy, which is the interpretation of the movement of clouds while anemoscopy is the interpretation of the wind direction and intensity. Others include cerunoscopy, which deals with thunder and lightning, while cometomancy, as the name suggests is the interpretation of the appearance consider, Home Improvement Paint of comet tails. , CB Radio SWR Meteromancy is the divination by meteors and shooting stars.

People have been always interested in the weather look at, Using Geofiction in Education and have always considered it as a medium of expression of the gods. Hence aeromancy has very deep roots why not visit, RC Nitro Car and is one of the oldest forms of divination. The Etruscans and Babylonians found the signs in the sky to be interesting and have practiced various forms of aeromancy and cerunoscopy. Most of the methods practiced have become obscure but still prevail in various superstitions and folklores. For example thunder in the east foretells bloodshed according to European superstition and the death of a king is foretold in high winds during Christmas. The death of a great man can supposedly be foretold by the appearance also see, DX CB Radio of a comet.

Apart from weather also look at, Collectible Toy Robots signs there are quite a few Gods associated with cerunoscopy, for example Tinia is the Etriscan God of lightning, Adad is the Babylonian God of thunder and lightining. Aditi is the Hindu goddess of the sky, Agni the Hindu God of sun, why not visit, Sugar free Raspberry Jam Muffins lightning and fire have a look at, Compact Digital Camera and so on. Earlier this type of divination was said to be the work of air consider, Tobacciana fairies Aeradis and Sylphus who made signs through air why not visit, Types of RC Jeeps elements, which was then interpreted by the diviner.  

Modern Aeromancy

Modern aeromancy like modern nephomancy is a receptive and meditative process by which a person is able to examine their unconscious self. The nephomancer is used to study clouds.  Another variation of aeromancy, which can be practiced by you right now, makes use of pieces of paper. Write all the answers possible to your question in equal sized papers and throw them onto a flat checkout, Jaspers in Jewellery Making surface from a height. The paper that touches the surface first gives you the answer of the question. Though this method is probably not a good idea for making life changing decisions, aeromancy can at least help you when small problems need to be answered.

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