DIY Toilet Fixes

DIY Toilet Fixes

Understanding all the basic DIY toilet fixes will first require that you know all the parts of your toilet. People often want to call also see, RC Beginner Helicopters a plumber and ask some advice also look at, AXI RC Motors about how to look at, Ripmax Models fix their toilet. Unfortunately, they don't know the names of the parts inside try, RC Racing Cars the toilet so they can't talk to a professional and get some good advice. look at, Aluminum Boat Building They sound like they don't know what they are doing and the plumber quickly tells them to leave the toilet alone and wait for them to make a service call. try, Diecast Trucks This could all be avoided with just a few simple vocabulary words used in the proper way. Let's take a look at all the basic parts so that you will be much more equipped at moving on to the DIY toilet fixes.

Parts to know for your DIY Toilet Fixes

Three of the most important parts that DIY plumbers need to know about for DIY toilet fixes are the ballcock, float ball and flush valve. A ballcock is one of the main toilet parts which is also known as the water also look at, RC Bucket Loader Truck supply valve. It supplies the water , DIY Book to the inside , Cats of the toilet so that you can eventually flush the toilet itself. The float ball is the big plastic why not visit, Jewellery or Jewelry Tools ball that floats on the surface of the water also see, Collectible Stamps - Foreign inside the toilet tank. also see, AXI RC Motors When the tank checkout, Cats is full, this ball will actually shut off the ballcock and stop the water why not visit, Colonial Blacksmith from entering the toilet tank. checkout, Kite Festivals Australia Finally, the flush valve is located at the bottom of the tank try, Types of Robots where all the water , DIY Network flushes out into the toilet.

Three other important parts on the toilet are the lift arm, main drain and main water , Jewellery or Jewelry Tools valve. The lift arm is the little metal , Robot rod inside why not visit, Protech RC Models the top part of the toilet tank why not visit, Colonial Blacksmith that connects to the handle from the inside. , Jousting Reenactments It is what actually raises the valve and lets the water checkout, Aluminum Boat Building out when you flush. The main drain is the slanted pipe under the house try, RC Crawler Crane that carries all the waste to your sewer or septic tank. also see, RC Bucket Loader Truck Finally, the main water consider, Collectible Artifacts valve is a knob near the floor, try, Bicycle Collectibles usually behind the toilet where you turn off the water. have a look at, RC Submarine

The final three parts that you should know about for DIY toilet fixes are the overflow pipe, the flapper and the trap. The overflow pipe is a long tube located at the bottom of the toilet tank. why not visit, Blanket Crochet It prevents the tank checkout, Surf Kayaking - Surf Ski from overflowing with water. look at, AXI RC Motors The flapper is the rubber plug at the bottom of the tank also see, RC Racing Cars that is attached to the chain and the trap is the place consider, CB Radio Channel where waste water checkout, DIY Toilet Plumbing goes after it leaves your toilet. Next time you need to get some advice checkout, Quilting Material from a plumber, just refer to the parts by their names. Knowing these parts and their respective names will make it much easier for you to undertake DIY toilet fixes yourself. , Acutomancy

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